July 31, 2006

Enable Old Extensions on Firefox 2.0 Beta 1

So you’re running the shiny new beta version of Firefox 2.0. Perhaps on Build 5472 of Vista…who knows? But anyway, you’re running Firefox and you’re peeved because all your favorite extensions don’t work. Web Developer Toolbar, Session Saver, BugMeNot, they’re all listed in the Extensions windows (Or, Add-Ons, as they’re called now), but they’re all disabled. They don’t run on this version, they say. The max version allowed is 1.5.0.x, and they won’t work on 2.0b1. So they sit there, taunting you, and you wonder how you’re going to get out of this one.

Well, now you don’t have to worry any more. I found the secret sauce that lets all your old extensions run in Firefox 2.0. What you do is type about:config in the address bar to get to Firefox’s configuration panel, then right click and choose New > Boolean. For the “preference name” enter extensions.checkCompatibility, and for the value choose false. Click OK, then reboot Firefox and all your extensions should run just fine. Or most of them anyway. There may be some of them that clash with the new stuff in Firefox 2.0, so be prepared to do some troubleshooting or disable them manually. Like I have a favorite theme, Noia Lite, and using it on Firefox 2 screws up the tabs. So I had to turn it off. But most of the extensions should work just fine after applying this fix.

Hat tip to the MozillaZine forums on this one.

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