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August 22, 2006


The band OK Go makes their own videos, and they’re more fun to watch than any of those professional videos that costs millions of dollars.

Here It Goes Again:

A Million Ways:

Thanks to Myrna for pointing this one out.

RSS-less Offenders

Now that I’m using an RSS reader, I’m becoming frustrated with sites that don’t offer RSS feeds. Even before I started using the reader, I knew RSS was a must if you had a frequently updated page. This site has offered it since March of 2004. But now I’m able to single out offenders, and it really gets under my skin.

One such site is Mice Age, the home of Disneyland pundit Al Lutz. He’s kind of a polarizing figure on the online Disney community, but I’ve been reading his stuff for years because it’s obvious he loves the park and loves reporting on it, even when the news isn’t so good. He only comes out with new articles every two or three weeks, so that’s why his site would be perfect for RSS. Just subscribe to the feed and forget it, and when there’s something new it will come to you. But there’s still no RSS there, so I have to keep hitting the site every couple of weeks to see if there’s something new.

I checked the site today, and coincidentally there was something new. Brand new, in fact, an article for August 22nd. (How did I time that one?) In this update he talks about the new guy who was promoted to President of Disneyland, and how he’s a rubber-stamper who will do whatever the higher-ups in the company tell him to. And the lackluster “Year of a Million Dreams” promotion they’re starting in a couple of months, where guests will be chosen at random to receive prizes like free mouse ears (don’t laugh…it was going to be free churros and sodas until they raised the stakes).

He also has details on the Halloween decorations that will be going up in October, pictures of progress on the new Finding Nemo submarine ride, and plenty of commentary on how Disneyland isn’t such a great place to work anymore. In fact, 80% of the people hired to work at the park quit or are fired within just a couple of months. Ouch!

So it’s great site, but who doesn’t have an RSS feed these days?