March 16, 2007

The Apprentice LA Episode 8: GNC and Soccer

My latest recap of The Apprentice is now up both at and my new blog, On The Air.

Frank comes out wearing a suit, all “Let’s get ready to rumble!” Except he’s reading from a script that’s longer and more convoluted than most Broadway plays. He goes on and on about “Joe” (a very scrawny-looking Tim) and how he doesn’t feel his best. Then he yells “Here! Is! Mr Vitamin!!!” And the crowd…doesn’t respond. It’s so funny. Surya is talking about how people really got into the story, but we see a shot of a whole group of people just staring off into space. Like they’ve put PBS on the Jumbotron, that’s what this crowd looks like. There’s no cheering. There’s no life. The line at the bathroom is probably reeally long. The executive from GNC looks like he’s doing his taxes in his head, rather than pay attention to anything that’s actually happening around him. Some backup dancers in black shirts are following “Joe” around the boxing ring, but then when Mr. Vitamin comes out they change into white shirts. And there is no boxing! I don’t know who “Joe” was supposed to be boxing, but he keeps hugging Mr. Vitamin, who is standing outside the ring, and these other guys are just walking around, like in circles, and for all the fuss they put into building a boxing ring, where’s the boxing?

Go read it all.

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