March 22, 2007

Rebuilding A Kitchen

I hate renovating. I hate the work, I hate the mess, I hate the way it disrupts your life. So why then, does it seem like we’re always renovating?! This week it’s the kitchen.

Here are few shots from before, the old cabinets that date back to Jimmy Carter.

2007-03-19 005

2007-03-19 013

2007-03-19 014

I decided to do the demolition myself. That’s where the work comes into it. I gave myself two days to do it, and it ended up taking three. Who knew knocking stuff down was so time-consuming?

2007-03-19 051

2007-03-19 078

2007-03-20 142

Finally, at the end of the third day, the kitchen was cleaned out. A blank slate for the carpenters to come in and start work on the new cabinets.

2007-03-21 045

And here’s the part where our life is disrupted. Below is a picture of what we’re using for a kitchen now. The maple bookshelf on the left holds cups and dishes. The table on the right is our pantry, with everything in paper bags. Pots and pans are beneath that. Meal prep is done wherever you can find a few square inches free. And when you’re done, wash your plates in the bathroom sink.

2007-03-22 001

We’ve been eating out a lot lately.

More pictures at Flickr.

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