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March 24, 2007

Kitchen Remodel, Part 2

Yes, the kitchen was finally finished on Friday. After three days of tear-out, and two days of construction, the new kitchen is done.

2007-03-23 002

2007-03-23 004

See the before picture here. We took out the old peninsula, and the cabinets hanging from the ceiling, that had divided the room in half and instead went for a more open layout with more cabinets on the walls. The island, too, is a huge improvement over what we had before, since it promotes traffic flow in two directions, instead of the dead-end that our kitchen used to be. We also separated the stove and the fridge, since putting the hottest and coldest parts of the room right next to each other wasn’t a great idea, and we moved the dishwasher closer to the sink.

And the cabinets themselves are just a smarter use of the space now. In the corner there used to be two “blind” cabinets, a completely stupid concept where half of the cabinet space was hidden from view and basically unusable. We replaced that with a lazy susan unit down below and a diagonal corner cabinet up above. This means that all the space that was wasted before, in dark corners, can now finally see the light and be usable.

And the entire layout also serves to make the kitchen more a part of the dining room than it was before. The two have always been in the same room, but with the peninsula and ceiling cabinets they were separated, making it impossible to carry on any kind of conversation between the two rooms. Now that things are done, the whole space is more open and friendly.

Of course, “done” is a loaded word here. The countertop installers couldn’t come in to measure until the cabinets were done, and since they were done on Friday the counters won’t be measured until Monday. And it takes two weeks to get those made. Plus we’ll be on vacation two weeks from now, so they can’t come in to install for another week after that. We won’t have real counters until April 16, so for now I put the old, ugly counter and sink back in place. It’s just temporary, but it takes something away from the new cabinets. So I can’t wait until the counters are in.

And then I have to install new floors, and take the popcorn down from the ceiling. God, will this ever be finished?

Here are some shots from the construction.

2007-03-22 023
Sam helps out.

2007-03-22 010
The cat helps out.

2007-03-22 036
End of Day One.