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May 15, 2007

Run TiVo Desktop on Vista

How To Run TivoToGo 2.4 on Windows Vista. I just upgraded my home computer to Windows Vista, only to find out that the TiVo Desktop program’s support for that OS is less than stellar. As in, it actually pops up a box when you’re trying to install it that says “You cannot install this on Vista”. So I’ve been trying to get earlier versions to work, and they’re not. Now, I need my TiVo To Go, that’s what lets me download shows off of the TiVo and onto the computer so that the TiVo can stay uncluttered. Without this software working, things are getting kind of backed up lately.

So it’s good to see these instructions on how to get rid of that “cannot install” box. There are quite a few steps, and it involves stripping out the OS checking routine with a piece of software called Orca. But if it works it’s worth all the hassle.

It’s surprising, with over a year of public betas how much software still hasn’t been updated to run on Vista. It’s not like they didn’t know it was coming.

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