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May 20, 2007

Light and Shadows

Here’s something I’ve been trying to work out for a long time, as a photographer. Is it better to take pictures on a sunny day, or on an overcast day? Take a look at Exhibits A and B here:

2007-05-20 007

The same subject, taken on two different days. In the first one, the sun is shining and where the colors pop, they really pop. But the shadows are kind of hidden, and all over there’s almost too much contrast in the picture. The second one is on an overcast day, and all the colors are more muted and more even. The contrast is spread out here, so you don’t have the really dazzling whites washing everything out. It’s a more relaxing photo with softer edges. But at the same time you don’t have the green in the trees popping out at you, you don’t have the blue skies to set everything off.

So which is better? Would the first one be better framed, hanging on a wall, because of how crisp the colors are? Would the second one be better to put in an architecture book, because you’re better able to see the details on the house? Is there a right answer here?

Here’s another angle to give you more to think about.

2007-05-20 013

I don’t have an answer here. I want to hear some.

Fallen Gazebo

This is the gazebo.

2007-05-19 060

I built it myself, years ago.

2007-05-19 065

But, as part of our backyard beautification program, it had to go. You may have to look closely at these pictures to see it, but it’s developed a bit of a lean. So we gathered a three-man crew.

2007-05-19 125

And we pulled.

2007-05-19 131

And we puuuuuulled.

2007-05-19 133

And although it was built like a tank, after several hours we finally got it to topple.

2007-05-19 134

The once-proud structure had fallen, and the victors enjoyed their spoils.

2007-05-19 152

King of the world!

2007-05-19 173