May 20, 2007

Fallen Gazebo

This is the gazebo.

2007-05-19 060

I built it myself, years ago.

2007-05-19 065

But, as part of our backyard beautification program, it had to go. You may have to look closely at these pictures to see it, but it’s developed a bit of a lean. So we gathered a three-man crew.

2007-05-19 125

And we pulled.

2007-05-19 131

And we puuuuuulled.

2007-05-19 133

And although it was built like a tank, after several hours we finally got it to topple.

2007-05-19 134

The once-proud structure had fallen, and the victors enjoyed their spoils.

2007-05-19 152

King of the world!

2007-05-19 173

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