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May 29, 2007

Deforesting the Sagebrush Jungle

2007-05-29 027
At 3:00

2007-05-29 040
At 8:00

Another busy day today. This time we’re clear-cutting the backyard, which I’m sure is going to go a long way towards contributing to the global warming problem. So now you’ll know who to blame.

If you’re wondering how I manged to pull off such a superhuman feat in such a short few hours, no I wasn’t out there with an axe for the whole five hours. It was all done with the help of our new friend, Number 216.

2007-05-29 001

Here’s only here visiting for the week, but like any good hosts we’re putting him to work right away. I did about half the yard today, and I’m hoping to get the rest of it tomorrow. Then we’ll have to get creative, and find more for him to do the rest of the week. I’m sure it won’t be hard. Once you have one of these in your yard you suddenly think of a hundred things you can have it do.