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January 5, 2008

Loss and Gain

So we’ll start with the bad news. My car was broken into the other night, and my cell phone and iRiver were taken. It was parked in my own driveway, unlocked, like it has been for the last 2000+ nights without incident. I think it was some kids doing a smash-and-grab job, because it looks like they rifled through the center console as fast as they could and only grabbed the stuff that was obvious. They also took some spare change I had laying around, but they missed the kid’s portable game console in the backseat, the laptop, and the camera bag with $1,000+ worth of equipment in it. So maybe I should be glad it was just some stupid kids, right? And luckily there was no actual smashing to go along with the grabbing. A broken window would not be fun in the storm that’s blown in this weekend.

Anyway, after this happened I was out a cell phone and a music player. This wasn’t such a horrible thing, since the phone was several years old, and I had actually been holding out on getting a new one because the old one worked well enough. Well, now the old one was gone, so there goes that excuse. I started preparing myself for the task of getting a new phone and a new music player, until I realized that we’re living in the 21st Century. They put music players in phones now! What a concept! What will those kids think of next?

So that’s how I ended up going down to the AT&T Store and walking out with my brand-new BlackJack.


It’s a nice little phone. I was looking for something with Windows Mobile, since ever since my wife got her Moto Q a couple of months ago I’ve been secretly jealous of all the stuff she could do with it. Of course this led to me snatching her phone away from her whenever I wanted, but it wasn’t the same as having my own. So when it came to pick a new phone, it was a choice between getting another Q to match hers, or going with something a little smaller. Obviously I chose not to get the Q, and I picked up my Blackjack instead.

It’s a pretty nice little phone. It sure does a lot more than the old Nokia ever did. Just look at this post, where I took a picture and e-mailed it to the blog, all from the phone itself. That’s nice to be able to do that. And of course having Google Maps in my pocket is a killer app whenever I go out of town, and probably will be sometimes even in town.

So the year started out kind of traumatically. I wanted to just go door to door and punch every kid I could find for a while there. But there was a happy ending, at least. And now I know not to leave my phone lying on the seat anymore, even if it is in my own driveway!

Snowy Road

Driving into Carson this morning. This stoplight was working, but others were flashing red.

This was posted via Flickr’s mail-to-blog function, from my new phone. I think I like this feature.



Snow Dog

What’s funnier than a dog with short legs running through snow? Not much. Just check out these pictures of Baxter.

2008-01-05 048

2008-01-05 056-b

2008-01-05 071

2008-01-05 054

2008-01-05 041

2008-01-05 053