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January 15, 2008

Lasagna Cat

Lasagna Cat: put a guy inside a life-size Garfield costume and watch the hijinx fly!


And there are more. There are oh so many more.

January 13, 2008

Video Rewind: Every Little Thing

Jeff Lynne has had a huge career for someone that practically nobody has heard of. He was the main guy behind Electric Light Orchestra, he was the least-famous member of the Traveling Wilburys, and he produced many of the most popular 80s and 90s hits for fellow Wilburys George Harrison, Roy Orbison, and Tom Petty. But somewhere in the middle there he found time to release a solo album, and come out with this computer-animated video which surely had the folks at Pixar running scared.

I used to watch VH1 for hours waiting for this to come on. Seriously.

January 11, 2008

Extreme Home Makeover

Extreme Home Makeover is filming in our area – or at least way out in the sticks of Stagecoach. Read about it here.

Web 2.0 Style Guide

The Web 2.0 Style Guide. I haven’t read it yet, but i wanted to put it here to maybe come back to it later. It’s a loooong article, and probably just full of as many cliches as they could cram in.

January 10, 2008

Capturing Old Vegas

There’s a great article in the Las Vegas Sun yesterday about how Las Vegas is losing its history, little by little. But it’s not about the Strip, as most of these articles tend to be, it’s about the littler things. Houses, motels, restaurants, commercial buildings. They’re being torn down for new developments, new subdivisions, new shopping centers.

But really the article isn’t even about them, it’s about the guy who dedicates his time to documenting them before they’re gone forever. Allen Sandquist, who posts as Roadsidepictures on Flickr, spends his time walking the streets of Vegas and taking pictures, trying to capture Old Vegas before it disappears. And it turns out he needs to keep on his toes with this task, because in Vegas you never know when something’s going to be torn down without warning.

On this morning, he discusses some of the year’s biggest heartbreaks. Topping the list is a 1915 one-story home on First Street, which until a few months ago was – Sandquist thinks – the oldest standing house in Las Vegas. Investors had demolished it along with everything else on the block. There was no warning. Sandquist had been photographing it since coming across it in 2005.

“I always thought that if they preserved any house, it would be that one,” he says with astonishment in his eyes.

But such is the grievance of any history buff who snakes his way through the city’s nooks and crannies, suburbs and roadsides knowing that what he photographs today might be gone tomorrow.

This is something I try to do around Carson City with Around Carson, but there’s not much point because they never tear anything down. So I have to focus on the opposite; documenting the construction that happens around town. That’s probably a more cheerful beat to follow anyway.

January 9, 2008

International Hotel and Sundown Town

I posted of couple of new items about local history at Around Carson today, a piece about the International Hotel (with a link to the Carsonpedia article I wrote), and something about the Sundown Town amusement park that operated in the Washoe Valley for a year or two back in the 60s. You should go read them both, of course!

January 8, 2008


This used to be a Wendy’s. I used to work here. I met my wife here. They divided it into a Starbucks and Port of Subs a couple of years ago.

January 7, 2008

The Perpetual Remodel

Long-time readers will remember that I’ve been remodeling our bathrooms. Constantly. Since 2003. There was one glorious period there for a few months when both bathrooms were done and operational, but that was cut short when we discovered that I had screwed up the job and mold was growing inside the walls. So last year I started over from scratch, trying to do it right this time. With a four-year-old, a baby, a job, and myriad other excuses, both legitimate and illegitimate, I only work on the project one or two days out of every three months. Last week I filled my quota for Winter 2007-08. Check it out.

2008-01-01 009

This is where I left off last time. The tile mostly done on two walls, not done at all on the third

2008-01-01 042

You’ll see I’m using HardiBacker cement board instead of drywall. This is the only stuff you want to use anywhere there is going to be water, because of the moisture and mold protection it affords. Plus it’s better than drywall for adhering tile to. Double bonus.

2008-01-01 018

Tile work in progress. Seal up the gaps between the new backer and the old drywall, then glue on the tile.

2008-01-01 039

All done. For now. Those missing tiles are going to require special cuts to work around the pipes. I saved that for another day.

2008-01-01 051

Looking good in the corner. The windowsill, also, is waiting for another day.

2008-01-01 053

In the end, it’s starting to look like a real bathroom. You can see I also put plastic sheeting in between the backer board and the studs, just to give the wood some extra protection in case any water ever does leak in through the tile.

When this project will be all finished and we’ll be able to take showers in here is anybody’s guess. And once this bathroom is finished, the other one will need the exact same treatment. Some projects just never seem to get completed, you know

January 6, 2008

Video Rewind: Take On Me

The thing about music in the 80s is that many songs became more famous for their videos than they ever did for the song itself. This is one.

January 5, 2008

Loss and Gain

So we’ll start with the bad news. My car was broken into the other night, and my cell phone and iRiver were taken. It was parked in my own driveway, unlocked, like it has been for the last 2000+ nights without incident. I think it was some kids doing a smash-and-grab job, because it looks like they rifled through the center console as fast as they could and only grabbed the stuff that was obvious. They also took some spare change I had laying around, but they missed the kid’s portable game console in the backseat, the laptop, and the camera bag with $1,000+ worth of equipment in it. So maybe I should be glad it was just some stupid kids, right? And luckily there was no actual smashing to go along with the grabbing. A broken window would not be fun in the storm that’s blown in this weekend.

Anyway, after this happened I was out a cell phone and a music player. This wasn’t such a horrible thing, since the phone was several years old, and I had actually been holding out on getting a new one because the old one worked well enough. Well, now the old one was gone, so there goes that excuse. I started preparing myself for the task of getting a new phone and a new music player, until I realized that we’re living in the 21st Century. They put music players in phones now! What a concept! What will those kids think of next?

So that’s how I ended up going down to the AT&T Store and walking out with my brand-new BlackJack.


It’s a nice little phone. I was looking for something with Windows Mobile, since ever since my wife got her Moto Q a couple of months ago I’ve been secretly jealous of all the stuff she could do with it. Of course this led to me snatching her phone away from her whenever I wanted, but it wasn’t the same as having my own. So when it came to pick a new phone, it was a choice between getting another Q to match hers, or going with something a little smaller. Obviously I chose not to get the Q, and I picked up my Blackjack instead.

It’s a pretty nice little phone. It sure does a lot more than the old Nokia ever did. Just look at this post, where I took a picture and e-mailed it to the blog, all from the phone itself. That’s nice to be able to do that. And of course having Google Maps in my pocket is a killer app whenever I go out of town, and probably will be sometimes even in town.

So the year started out kind of traumatically. I wanted to just go door to door and punch every kid I could find for a while there. But there was a happy ending, at least. And now I know not to leave my phone lying on the seat anymore, even if it is in my own driveway!