March 29, 2008

Seattle Monorail Station


Vintage Seattle published this postcard showing the Westlake monorail station as it appeared originally, before the Westlake Mall was built. It’s great to see this, because this is kind of a rare view. I had heard about how the station used to be a big hulking structure, but until now I’d never seen a photo of it.

The Seattle Monorail was built for the 1962 World’s Fair, and it runs from here at the corner of Pine and Westlake all the way down to the Seattle Center, at the base of the Space Needle. In 1988 everything in the center of this postcard was torn down and a new multi-story mall built on the site. The monorail station now is little more than a small balcony off the food court.

I discovered Vintage Seattle just recently, and I’ve really been digging it. It’s kind of the same thing that I’ve been trying to do at the WNHPC blog. Maybe reading Vintage Seattle will give me some inspiration.

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