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June 3, 2008

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Universal Fire Aftermath

I knew the Flickr community would come through for me. The big fire at Universal Studios was on Sunday, and yesterday the park reopened like nothing had happened. So I knew there would be somebody who visited the park yesterday, who would take pictures of the fire’s aftermath and put them up on Flickr. And indeed there was. User jeremiah_good, who didn’t snap just one or two pictures but dozens. He even got shots from the tram, which didn’t run through the fire area, but went right by it. I’ll run some of the best ones here, but you really should go look at his whole Universal album (381 photos!) to see them all, along with other more touristy shots of the park.

(Update: MiceAge also has photos, very similar to these.)

The Back to the Future courthouse still stands.

That’s it, dressed in red brick for Ghost Whisperer.

The empty shell of King Kong.

A street level view.