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June 8, 2008

Go Button in Firefox 3

I’ve been playing around with Firefox 3 lately, and so far everything I’ve seen is really good. It kept all that was good about Firefox 2, and added a few nice new features. But there was one thing that needled me a little bit, so I sought out a way to fix it. The issue is that the “Go” button in the Firefox address bar now only appears when you’re typing a new address. Once you arrive at the site, it disappears. I like to have it stick around, since sometimes i use it in a way similar to the Refresh button. So I found the way to make the Go button always visible in Firefox 3. From that site:

First you have to find the folder that holds your current profile. Once you’ve opened it in your favorite file management program look for a directory named chrome. If the directory doesn’t exist go ahead and create it and drill down so you’re looking at the directory’s contents.

Once you’re in the chrome folder in your current Firefox 3 profile look for a file called userChrome.css. Again, if you don’t have a file by that name it’s ok, just go ahead and create a blank text document (text file for the Windows users) and call it userChrome.css. Open the file in a plain text editor (Notepad, Gedit, Geany, or whatever you prefer to use for editing text files, as long as it’s not a word processor like Word, WordPad or Word Processor). Once the file is open put this in at the end of it:

#urlbar[pageproxystate="valid"] > #urlbar-icons > #go-button { visibility: visible !important;}

Save the file and restart your Firefox 3 beta and voila! The Go button should always be in your Location bar, ready for your use at any time.

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