June 19, 2008

Wikipedia Local

Crosscut Seattle has the article Writing Wikipedia for Seattle, about the joys and challenges of growing and maintaining a little corner of Wikipedia devoted to Seattle. It’s similar to what I’m doing with Carsonpedia, except that rather than carving out a little corner of Wikipedia for myself, and having to fight the the concepts of “notability” and “verifiability”, I just started my whole new space to play in. In fact, it was the shift from a free and open Wikipedia to one that’s more tightly controlled by insiders and upper-level editors that led the author to cut back the time he spent updating the Seattle pages. As he says, “there were better things to do with the time I spent online.”

Since I started my own site, I don’t have any upper level editors to tell me what to do. I’m the one setting the rules. But that also means, for now, that I’m the only one doing all the work, and I’m finding I just can’t make the time to work on it the way it needs to be worked on. New pages, like ones on the Nevada State Railroad Museum and Glenn Lucky, are few and far between. It’s disappointing to see so little progress, but building a site like this properly is a full-time job, or several full-time jobs. There needs to be a staff working on this, and instead there’s just me. So I’ll do the best I can, and watch the site grow slowly.

But at least I’m not doing all this work under Wikipedia’s increasingly oppressive rules.

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