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December 11, 2008

New WordPress 2.7

WordPress today has finally released their new version 2.7 software, after months of teasing about it. Of course there have been beta versions available for quite some time, but I usually like to stick it out and wait for final versions to be released. But then, of course, as soon as the final comes out I jump all over it.

I’ve already upgraded this site to 2.7, and I must say it’s quite nice. The biggest difference is the new interface; they’ve completely redesigned the look of the administrative section, and it’s very slick. Supposedly there are tons of other changes to the functionality as well, but I’ll have to discover those as I work with it. You can read their announcement post about the new version to see all the changes.

Now I just have to get around to upgrading the other 10 WordPress installations that I manage!


From NASA’s Image of the Day.