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January 12, 2009

Stephen Cysewski, Wandering In Seattle

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I’ve found a fantastic collection of black and white photos of Seattle, by photographer Stephen Cysewski. The collection is called “Wandering In Seattle.” Some of the photos go back to the 80s, or even the 70s. But there are also some from just the last year or two. Taken together they probably number in the hundreds. But they’re all fantastic, and they show a real eye for the city and its people.

They’re split up into several collections, such as Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, the Waterfront, and some of the surrounding neighborhoods. There’s even a companion Wandering In Seattle blog. It’s definitely worth looking through all of them. Looking at these pictures makes me ache to be a better photographer.

Hat tip to SeattleScape.

A History Of Seattle Snows Exposed

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Paul Dorpat today brings us an in-depth look at the history of snow in Seattle, going all the way back to the “Big Snow” of 1880 (pictured), and even further back than that. He’s been working on this essay since Christmas Eve, and it shows. In this opus in seven parts he attempts to document every large snowstorm Seattle has enjoyed over its 157 years, while also indulging in several digressions about Thanksgiving turkeys and cherry pie. Just read it. It will make sense.