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February 7, 2009

Hilary Hahn vs Beardyman

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It’s A Small World Redo

It's a Small World

This week the new and revamped It’s A Small World reopened at Disneyland, after being closed for over a year. Or, at least, it re-reopened. Because it already reopened late last year, dressed up for Christmas with holiday lights and the “Jingle Bells” soundtrack. It had been closed for all of 2008 while they ripped out the flume inside and made the water channel deeper, as well as crafting brand-new boats that were more buoyant so they would ride higher in the water. This was needed because Americans have been getting so fat lately that the boats were scraping bottom on a regular basis, and something had to be done.

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So the new ride, with extra clearance under the boats, reopened for Christmas, but even back then everyone was anxiously waiting until February. Because as part of this redo they didn’t just replace the flume and the boats, they also made a few additions to the ride, in the form of Disney characters scattered among the singing dolls. This was supposed to be a secret, but of course with the internet nothing is a secret anymore, and when word leaked out last year that they were doing this cries went up everywhere that by doing this they were ruining It’s A Small World. Some people said it was permanently ruined, and others took a wait and see attitude, but really nobody had any idea exactly what the ride was going to look like with all these changes, because Disney was keeping the details locked up as tight as they could. Even when it reopened for Christmas, the new figures were nowhere to be seen. It would be February before anyone would get to catch a glimpse of the changes.

Well now it’s February, and the veil has been lifted. The new It’s A Small World is open, and reports are already spreading across the internet. And from what I can tell it’s…not that bad, really. Reactions are mixed, of course, and some people still think it’s an unholy desecration, like using a Sharpie on the Mona Lisa. But overall reactions seem to be positive, and while it seems like the new figures don’t necessarily make the attraction better, they don’t really detract from it either. Maybe it’s because people have had a long time now to let the news sink in, and find some acceptance, but I’m not finding a lot of negative reviews about the new changes.

So here are a couple of links I’ve found about the new It’s A Small World, including pictures of all the changes.