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February 8, 2009

The New V&T Route Through Mound House

Today I put up a megapost at Around Carson, The New V&T Route Through Mound House. It looks at the re-aligned route the Virginia and Truckee Railroad is taking though (or rather around) the town of Mound House, and includes several pictures of the construction progress along the way. They’re doing a great job of getting this new rail line graded, and they say the tracks will all be in place and trains ready to run by August. We’ll see if they can stick to that particular deadline, but I think they have the momentum to finish it by the end of the year for sure.

But once they finish this part, they’re still six or seven rail miles away from Carson City. And since this is taking the last of their cash to build this segment, it may be a long time before the tracks go any further, down to the scenic Carson River Canyon.

Go read the article.

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