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February 20, 2009

21st Century Education

Mark Pullen, a third-grade teacher, has this to say about what students and parents should be expecting out of schools:

After 13 years of work getting a K-12 education, why is it that all a student has to show for it is (if things go well) a diploma?

It seems to me like our goals should be so much different, such as:

In writing: students should have a very rich blog with hundreds of quality posts on it, as well as several major self-published pieces and several other items that were genuinely published by outside sources (editorials in the local paper, columns for a trade magazine, etc.)

In science: students should have at least one patent and/or at least one invention that they’ve actually created a prototype for (or, better, that has had copies of which have actually sold)

And it goes on. Imagine, kids coming out of school actually having an education! Learning by doing! It’ll never fly…

Hat tip to Jeff Jarvis.

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