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July 29, 2009

McCloud Engine #18

McCloud / V&T Engine #18

At Around Carson:

V&T Railway Progress – Engine #18 is in Town

V&T Railway Progress – Photos of Engine #18

Yesterday was a big day for the V&T Railway. And of course I was out running errands and couldn’t be there. But yesterday was the day the McCloud Locomotive #18, the engine that will run passenger trains on the V&T, arrived in Carson City. Luckily several other news organizations were on hand to report on it, and this morning I was able to head out to Eastgate Siding to get a closeup look at the thing.

July 26, 2009

Carson River Canyon Then and Now

Carson River Canyon Then and Now

When photographer Carleton E. Watkins visited Virginia City and the Comstock in the fall of 1876, he had no idea he was viewing the area at its absolute peak. More gold and silver were being pulled out of the ground than had ever been before, and though no one knew it, than ever would be again.

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July 18, 2009

Rescued Puppy

Viola is always rescuing animals. This one she pulled out of a bad home just last night. Mistreated and injured, now that she’s out she can start the healing process. And we already found a good home for her!

Rescued Puppy

Rescued Puppy

We named her Daisy.

Rescued Puppy

July 13, 2009

Lake Tahoe Fireworks 2009

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Some shots from the Lake Tahoe fireworks this year:


Sammy and the Strawberries

July 10, 2009


July 9, 2009

Fourth and Esmeralda

Farmers Market

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