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November 22, 2009

Reverse Lens Photography

Take your lens off the camera. Turn it around. Hold it up to the body backwards, with the mount facing outwards. You can do fantastically close macro photography with it that way. But you have to watch out because the depth of field is terribly narrow, the slightest tremor in your hands can blur the image, and you lose all control of aperture and focus. But you can get really close.

Reverse lens, the poor man’s macro lens

November 11, 2009

Humpty Makes Page A10

November 8, 2009

Chasing Humpty

Crossposted from Around Carson.

Coming into town this morning I saw a weird shape against the mountains, and I knew it must be a hot air balloon. A cold clear morning like this is perfect for ballooning. But it was strange, there were extra lumps on it, and it wasn’t until I got closer that I realized what I was looking at: Humpty Dumpty!

Humpty had caught a northerly breeze, and drifted across the Bryan Building, past the Capitol and downtown, and headed further north. I won’t spoil where he ended up, but close your eyes and imagine the most abusrd place in town to land a balloon.

Yes, Humpty touched down in the cemetery. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men were there, with their blue trailer, to greet him.